Paarth Kashyap

Computer Engineering Student @ UofT

About Me

My name is Paarth Kashyap, and I am currently an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. I possess a strong passion for hands-on creation and enjoy constructing practical solutions that address everyday challenges. Whether it involves tangible real-world projects or digital ventures, I derive immense satisfaction from building things that serve a purpose and enhance daily routines. Presently, I am delving into the realm of Arduino, automation and full-stack development.

I have embarked on projects involving web scraping and have gained experience in both front-end and back-end development, coupled with database management. By engaging in these endeavors, I aim to broaden my knowledge and expertise in emerging technologies that drive innovation and streamline processes. As a dedicated learner, I constantly seek out new opportunities to expand my skill set and evolve as a developer and engineer. I am always open to collaborating, connecting, and engaging in meaningful discussions.

Please feel free to reach out and connect, as I love forging new professional relationships and fostering a community of knowledge sharing and growth.


Alerting Bracelet

Alerting bracelet detects loud voice levels via microphone, processed by Arduino Nano. Alerts user to regulate volume using LED lights and vibrating disk motor.

Portfolio Website

Personal portfolio website developed and designed from the ground up using HTML5 and CSS.

Movie Rating System

Java Swing app for movie ratings with file read/write. Users can login/signup, view movie list with ratings, and get personalized recommendations based on their ratings and similar users.

Music Downloader

Python Full Stack app using Selenium and BeautifulSoup to prompt user for a list of songs to download from YouTube. It automatically finds the music videos, converts them to MP3 using an external site, and saves them locally.

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